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Revolutionary Way to Power-Up Your Devices


Say Goodbye to Constant Inserting and Unplugging

Reinvented Solution for Easy, Fast Speed and Reliable Charge & Data Sync


Opposed to constant plugging and unplugging of conventional cables, ZNAPTIC 180 not only provides longer life span, but also a simple yet perfect solution to prevent frayed charging cables, tripping over cable resulting in smashed phones, pointless fiddling to plug in cable even in low light conditions.

ZNAPTIC 180 allows you to connect and detach with the device instantly to prevent damage to your device and also enhance water & dust resistance of the charging socket when the detachable connector head is attached.


ZNAPTIC 360 features a unique circular connector which makes fast and convenient charging possible with just a snap. The  strong magnetic auto-positioning mechanism which guides it to the charging port and you will never plug-in the cable in the wrong way again.


The unique circular connector also allows movement of the cable in all directions during charging. No more uncharged device from accidental detaching.


The circular connector also blends in perfectly with any Apple or Android devices.  No need to waste time looking for different cables for your multiple gadgets choices.

The detachable connector heads can be used as an anti-dust and anti-water plug, to provide protection to the charging socket when it is not charging.

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